Rescuing surplus, freshly prepared meals
to reduce food waste and feed the hungry.

The Problem

Every day in Charlotte, thousands of pounds of fresh, nutritious food like salmon, beef stew, veggie lasagna and broccoli casserole is thrown away from dining halls, restaurant buffets and catered events, while around the corner, many of our Charlotte neighbors are going to bed hungry.  The problem is not a shortage of food, it’s a food distribution problem.

40% of all food is wasted every year


135,000 lbs. of food diverted from the landfill

8% of all greenhouse gas emission (GHG) each year are due to food loss & waste


An equivalent GHG benefit since 2021 of removing 16 vehicles from the road

Nearly 15% of households in Mecklenburg County are food insecure


112,500 meals served

Our Solution

Our goal is simple: to reduce food waste by connecting the dots between those with too much food to those without enough. How do we do that? By partnering with organizations to rescue their leftover fresh meals and deliver them to local nonprofits who feed the hungry.

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