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Become a Food Donor

Do you have excess, freshly prepared foods?

We partner with ChowMatch, a third-party provider that smartly pairs food donations with volunteers and receiving organizations that feed hungry people.

How a Food Donation Works:

      • Donor schedules a pick-up through the ChowMatch app.
      • The donor provides information about the type of food being donated and the logistics—location, hours open, any special access information, etc.
      • The donation is automatically matched with a receiver organization through ChowMatch.
      • When a match is confirmed, the donor is notified by email.
      • Volunteer food rescuers are alerted to the opportunity to pick up via email.
      • Once a volunteer rescuer is confirmed, the donor receives a second email containing pick-up details and the volunteer’s contact information.
      • At the agreed-upon time, the donation is picked up and delivered to the receiver organization. Donors: if you happen to have the chance, take a photo of the donation and volunteer and email to [email protected]. Thank you!
      • After the pick-up is complete, we ask that donors provide feedback on their experience.

“If you’re going to throw it away, why not give it to someone in need? It’s a simple equation.”