Food Rescue Drivers

We are powered by Food Rescue US, a third-party provider that smartly pairs food donations with volunteers and receiving organizations that feed hungry people.

On Food Rescue you will:

      • Sign our drivers’ pledge
      • Learn basic food handling guidelines
      • Take a quick quiz
      • Sign up for your first food rescue!

Ready to become a Food Rescue Driver? Sign up now at Food Rescue. The signup process takes about 30 minutes.

Volunteer Food Rescuer Info

Food rescuers are at the heart of our mission. They are responsible for picking up food from our donor partners and delivering it to our nonprofit recipients. Rescuers are required to agree to our protocols, including arriving on time, safe handling of the food, and rescue reporting. Rescuers need to have reliable vehicles with space to hold several boxes or trays of food.

Rescues take 30-60 minutes each and require the following:

      • Arrive on time at the food donor location and contact the site coordinator upon arrival.
      • Make sure that your trunk or the back of your car is free of clutter, debris, and dirt.
      • Please do not open packaged foods or touch the food in any way.
      • Follow the protocol specific to the donor site for collecting and loading the food.
      • Drive directly to the nonprofit recipient location and contact the site coordinator upon arrival.
      • Wait for food to be unloaded from the car by site staff or help with unloading.
      • Report that the rescue has been completed and enter details into the ChowMatch software.
      • You may take pictures of your rescue to post to social media or text them to 704-287-0343.
      • COVID-19 Specific Protocols: Please wear a mask at all times during the rescue.