Donor Testimonials

Partnering with Feeding Charlotte has been an amazing experience and opportunity. Not only is it nice to know that the food we have is being used for good in our local community, but it is also an education tool. It helps put in perspective for our staff how just taking a few minutes a week to collect items that would otherwise be wasted, can instead be donated which will go a long way to helping others especially since we have already put the labor and work In to the product it would be a shame to not have someone enjoy it especially someone who really needs it!
Jamie Bostian
Chef at The Pines
Being able to make an impact in our community has been a part of QC Catering's mission since inception. Feeding Charlotte's organized network of volunteers and intuitive donation software allows us to give a greater amount back to our community, more easily than ever before.
Cameron Gilbreath
QC Catering
Having an organization resolve the logistics of distributing food you would be throwing away is the missing piece most food service operations face. Hunger should have no place in our resource rich community. Feeding Charlotte provides a simple, essential solution to further support our very own neighbors.
Paul Reinfeld
Director of Dining at JWU